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Taking a break to re-brand everything

What can a retired monk teach you about meditation that you won’t hear from anyone else?

Do you think most meditation takes itself too seriously?… Do you secretly wish someone would teach meditation without the self-importance, such as with exotic chocolate morsels?

If you knew you couldn’t do it wrong and you were guaranteed satisfaction, wouldn’t that make you… curious?

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn meditation from a former monk who makes it: easy, accessible, fool-proof, and so very tasty!

Don’t wait for your next vacation to de-stress. You can have vacation-level relaxedness now.

The Benefits

There’s nothing like this method to simultaneously transform so many areas of your life. It’s your secret advantage!… [Read more...]

The Difference

You’ve never heard of meditation like this: so easy, enjoyable, yet powerful. It’s unlikely you’ve experienced it this way… [Read more...]

The Process

Will it work for me? Yes! It works for everyone because of how it’s specifically customized to you by you, and that it works whether you believe it will or not… [Read more...]

Satisfaction Guarantee

It’s so far beyond what you’re used to and what you’re expecting, that we offer a unique assurance—you have nothing to lose except your chattery mind!… [Read more...]


Forget everything you think you know about meditation—this is different:

  • No mantras
  • No chanting
  • No yoga
  • No sitting on the floor
  • No gurus
  • No visualizations
  • No candles
  • No. Sketchy. Stuff.

It’s unlikely you’ve experienced meditation like this before:

gentle yet powerful — simple yet sustainable — effortless yet enjoyable

It’s different by design, works for everyone, no matter the stress level or belief system.

Money back guarantee! You have nothing to lose except your chattery mind!

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